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Replacement Windows

Picture Windows

Picture Windows

There are many great benefits to installing a picture window in your home – but is one of these windows right for your particular home or office? 

Is a Picture Window Right for you?

As the name suggests, a picture window is a large window that maximizes views, similar to looking at a large framed picture. These windows offer an unobstructed view and are typically most popular in the living room, dining room, or a bedroom.

Picture windows are great at highlighting beautiful views and scenery, and they can also make most rooms seem bigger.  When installed correctly, picture windows can add significant beauty and value to your home, but picture windows aren't right for every person and every home. 

These windows are fixed and cannot open, so it’s important to consider your ventilation concerns before installing one in your home or adding it to the plans of a home you are planning to build.  If ventilation is a concern, many talented installers can add moving windows on the edges of a picture window to add ventilation and circulation without sacrificing the view. 

One of the biggest benefits of a picture window is the natural light it brings in.  Although this natural light is great for a living room, it may be too much for a bedroom.  After all, the natural light you love in the afternoon may not be quite as welcomed first thing in the morning!

Another consideration when installing a picture window is that while you have a great view seeing out, people can also have a great view seeing in.  So, you’ll need to think about your family’s safety and privacy before installing a picture window in your home.

And, of course, one of the most important considerations is to make sure you have a view that’s worth highlighting!  Your picture window is going to wind up being the focal point of your room, so make sure whatever sits right outside is something that your family and your guests want to see and will appreciate. 

One of the biggest complaints about picture windows is that people don’t realize they’re there and actually walk into them!  Although this may sound silly, it happens more often than you think.  So, make sure that you’re a responsible picture window owner.  (Unfortunately, you can’t warn birds who have been known to fly into these types of windows!) 

Of course, a few minor issues shouldn't deter you from installing a picture window.  After all, the beauty it brings is way better than any piece of art you’re ever going to find!

Window Styles

  • Single Slider Window
    Single Slider Window
  • Single Hung Window
    Single Hung Window
  • Picture Window
    Picture Window
  • Patio Sliding Door
    Patio Sliding Door
  • Geometric Architectural Window
    Geometric Architectural Window
  • Garden French Door
    Garden French Door
  • Double Hung Window
    Double Hung Window
  • Casement Window
    Casement Window
  • Awning Window
    Awning Window
  • Slider Window
    Slider Window

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