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Replacement Windows

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows


Double hung windows have two sashes that are both easily movable.  The top sash can be lowered while the bottom sash can be raised.  Even though you will not get a larger opening than a single hung window, it does improve the air flow in your home.

What’s the Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows?

There are so many options when it comes time to install or replace your windows.  Your budget, your space, and your personal tastes are all things to consider before you make an investment.  In the end, two of the more popular options these days are single hung and double hung windows.

For a long time, single hung windows were the standard in new construction and replacement windows, but double hung windows have been gaining in popularity because many people feel they come with more benefits than their single counterparts.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

To answer that questions, let’s start by discussing their similarities!

In all windows, the sash refers to area of the window that moves whether it be vertical or horizontal.  Both single and double hung windows have a sash that slides vertically.  Single and double hung windows also can be encased in both aluminum window and vinyl frames. 

Aluminum window frames are strong, light and maintenance-free, but they do conduct heat rapidly and sometimes have been known to have poor ventilation, but a good installer will use an insulating to strip to combat the issue.

Vinyl frames are made to prevent sun from breaking down the material in the frame.  Vinyl frames also do not require paining and provide good moisture resistance. 

That is just about where the similarities end, though. 

In a single hung window, only the bottom sash slide moves upward. The way these window are installed, it can be difficult to clean the stationary (top) sash, especially if it is on the second floor or higher of your home or building. However, they are typically easy to open or move and you can vary the ventilation of the window quickly and easily. 

There is also a noticeable cost difference between single hung and double hung windows.  Single hung windows are easier to manufacture and have fewer parts making them a more economical choice than double hung windows.

Double hung windows have two sashes that are both easily movable.  The top sash can be lowered while the bottom sash can be raised.  Even though you will not get a larger opening than a single hung window, it does improve the air flow in your home.

There is a small but important issue in the security of the two windows.  Double hung windows have two locks instead of one, meaning that you may forget to lock both locks.

Double hung windows are also easier to clean.  That’s because these windows are designed to tilt in so that you can clean both sashes inside and out without having to step outside.

Still not sure which type is right for you?

Discuss your options with a window installer.  They can look at your home and help you decide which type of window would be best for you!


Window Styles

  • Single Slider Window
    Single Slider Window
  • Single Hung Window
    Single Hung Window
  • Picture Window
    Picture Window
  • Patio Sliding Door
    Patio Sliding Door
  • Geometric Architectural Window
    Geometric Architectural Window
  • Garden French Door
    Garden French Door
  • Double Hung Window
    Double Hung Window
  • Casement Window
    Casement Window
  • Awning Window
    Awning Window
  • Slider Window
    Slider Window

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